Total Tennis Trading

Important Introduction

December 30, 2011

Hello and thanks for buying Total Tennis Trading!

We aren’t stupid and we know that everyone who owns this package wants to delve into the strategies as soon as possible, however we have put together a very important introduction within the book 1 section that is firmly worth reading.

This is not fluff designed to fill the package out, this is crucial, important stuff! If you choose to ignore the information contained within book 1 then you have no one else to blame if you aren’t making money within a years time!

We know that there will be many who know most of the basics of Tennis Trading and so you might skip through most of this however there is a lot of great information here for those who are new to this as a trading sport.

So you could read the strategies first and return to this section later or read this section before you hit the strategies. Either way, this section is probably one of the most important within this package!

Would you attempt to drive a car without learning the highway code first??

Well this isn’t that much different and if you want to take your trading seriously you should read and take in all the trading advice that we offer.

Either way, we wish you the best of luck with your future tennis trading career.

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