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The Tennis Trading Secret

January 12, 2012

Before you actually read through the strategies its important we stress what we feel is the secret to successful tennis trading…


The Tennis markets can throw up so many different scenarios that its impossible to devise strategies for all of them but the main principle for most tennis trading is to find situations which are low risk but high reward.

We dont expect you to do this straight away as you have to learn the markets and get used to their movement first but once you do you will be able to spot several low risk but high reward opportunities.

The tennis markets are extremely prone to over reacting and you will see many moments where you are literally risking 1-5 ticks to potentially win 10-20 ticks which is a great risk reward ratio.

  • Look out for opportunities to lay players at low odds especially when there is a set or two to come.
  • Look out for times when the market has assumed a player is going to win a set despite there being a few more games to play.
  • Look out for times when the market assumes a player is going to score a break point (As in the point break method) despite the serving player still having many chances to save it.

In these types of scenarios you will find that you are only risking a few ticks to potentially win many ticks which is the type of improvisation we are looking for.

When you watch a match live and get a feel for the play then you will soon spot these opportunities.

As you trade with our strategies you will soon see just what we are talking about when it comes to improvisation. Watch the markets and watch for the opportunities. There is plenty of tennis to trade and very soon you will be able to take advantage of the many opportunities that will present themselves to you.

4 Comments for this entry

  • Geoff Dilks says:

    I will be using :FAIRBOT: for my trading. Forgive my ignorance, but how much is a pip in relation to the odds? Is it .5 of a point, or 2.5 of a point, or .75 of a point etc,etc. Can anybody explain this in plain english for a technophobe like myself. I am predominately thinking about stop-loss. Many thanks, Geoff.

    • admin says:

      Hi Geoff,

      Every .01 is considered a tick. So from 1.01 to 1.10 there are 10 ticks. From, 1.50 to 1.75 there are 25 ticks.

      From 2 to 2.20 is still 20 ticks although Betfair then moves in increments of .02 which can cause confusion and some might refer to every increment as a tick. For the purposes of this site we only trade on the favourite and so usually the odds-on player.

      Hope this solves it even more, feel free to email if you need further help with it.

  • kaththmsnkerr1@gmail says:

    Hi Kath,

    Can you please explain what is a tick, and what is Betfair
    increments of 0.2 etc.

    many thanks.

    • admin says:

      A tick is every odds point. So 1.50 > 1.51 is one tick, 1.50 > 1.55 is 5 ticks etc

      When the odds go above 2.0 they move in increments of 2, so 2.02>2.04>2.06>2.08 etc