Total Tennis Trading

You are currently reading this package as you obviously have an interest in trading the tennis markets on Betfair. Therefore, you probably need no convincing that Tennis is by far one of the best and most lucrative sports to trade. We firmly believe that too, and below are some of the many reasons why we love to trade tennis!

The Market Movement

One of the main reasons Tennis is such a popular sport to trade is because of the market swings that you see in almost every match. It’s very rare that a player will win a tennis match without facing some sort of resistance from the opposition during the match. When you trade tennis you will see the markets swing from one side to the next and in some cases it will be difficult to NOT make money!


Liquidity basically means the money available in the markets to trade with. Almost every tennis match which takes place in a tournament will have enough liquidity to trade with these days. We still put pointers within the guides about how much liquidity you should look for with each trade to be on the safe side. When you see matches in major tournaments it is not uncommon to see over £10 million turned over during just one match. That means there is potentially millions to be in one match then you realise just how lucrative tennis trading can be! This below image shows the amount matched in a US Open tennis match

 It’s Easy!

Trading tennis is actually really easy once you know how. By the time you have completed reading these strategies and practising them you will have an extensive knowledge of just how the markets move and react and you will realise that its pretty easy to understand. Since the markets on Tennis are only two-way then that means if one player is getting shorter then the other will be getting longer. So there is no need to worry about what is happening in other markets.


The tennis season carries on all year around apart from a break during December for Christmas. This is fine by us, as you will find that when Christmas comes you often want a break anyway. With matches being available on a daily basis almost all year around, this means you will never be stuck for a trade. This is the main reason why so many people are now becoming full time tennis traders. Even if you only want to trade in your part time to practise then are plenty of evening and weekend games too.

 No Market Suspensions

If you trade football you will know that when a goal is scored the market suspends and so you need to have an idea about where the market will be once it reforms. If you don’t predict this correctly you can find the market goes straight through your stop loss point! With tennis there are NO market suspensions which means you often have more then enough time to exit a trade if it starts to go against you.

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