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This is some brief analysis for the Paris Open GDF Suez. This is not to be confused with the French Open.

From looking at the stats from the past 3 years we can see that this is a tournament where the pre-match favourites generally do very well in. There is a also a strong bias towards one sided matches with on average 60% of matches finishing in straight sets.

The matches do get more competitive from Quarter finals onwards but generally it doesnt seem wise to take on the favourites in Paris.

We would advise that this tournament is only traded on a match per match basis and by only trading the matches you can get pictures for. Improvisation is the key for this one.

This is a small tournament with only 31 matches maximum and so this can make it easier to assess each match as it comes.

Remember, you can download and view the starting price stats yourself from

Underdogs wins per round:

R1 R2 Q/F S/F Final Total
2011 5/14 1/8 2/4 0/2 1/1 9/29
2010 2/14 4/8 1/4 1/2 0/1 8/29
2009 1/14 2/8 0/4 2/2 1/1 6/29


Straight Sets Matches Per Round:

R1 R2 Q/F S/F Final Total
2011 9/14 6/8 1/4 2/2 1/1 19/29
2010 11/14 6/8 2/4 1/2 0/1 19/29
2009 14/16 3/8 3/4 2/2 0/1 22/31

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